Shul Fundraising & an Orthodox Community Visits a Gay Bar

This week on the podcast we’re talking about synagogue fundraising, and about a Modern Orthodox shul’s visit to a gay bar after the massacre in an Orlando gay bar.

  • Mark Trencher

    Regarding the article “Congregation Ohev Shalom Visits a Gay Bar” by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld in the Washington Post, there is one aspect you missed. How do we change the behaviors of our Jewish society? If nothing else, the article told other Orthodox Jews that doing things like this is good! I don’t know if Rabbi Herzfeld had that in mind, although as a community leader I would not be surprised if it was a motivation. … working to improve ourselves by setting an example. — Mark Trencher

    (Check out http://nishmaresearch.com/social-research.html to read about our recently published survey of people who have left Orthodoxy).