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6 Strange Work, Part II: The Danger That Lurks Within

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Continuing our investigation of outsiders, oppressors, and people the Rabbis just plain don’t like, we tackle Christianity. What happens when someone claims to love the same book you do, but is reading it inside-out?


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Radio Free Babylonia is back and it is READY TO RUMBLE. We’re jumping into the Aramaic ring and it’s NO HOLDS BARRED as we grapple with the question of “eye for an eye” and tackle the notion of justice. Sports fans and Talmud fans, it’s time to get ROUGH AND ROWDY WITH THE RABBIS!!! OH YEAHHHH.

Strange Work Part I – The Bright Side

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What did the Roman Empire think of the Jews? What did the Talmud have to say about Rome? And just how much is a civilization worth?

3 In Medias Res

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When they canonized the Talmud, why would the Babylonian rabbis preserve a 300-year-old invective against them by the Palestinian sages? Are we doomed to live out what everyone says about us? Mo investigates ancient trash talk and our freedom to remake ourselves.

2 The End

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 The End

When was Jewish law born? To find the beginning of the Talmud, we travel back in time to the end of the world.

1 The Burning Book

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Meet the Talmud, an ancient Jewish text with a radical approach to language, life, and justice. In this episode, we explore what the Talmud is, why it can be dangerous, and why we learn it anyway.