Non Ashkenazi Jews and Kitniyot on Pesach

This week on the podcast we’re talking about non-Ashkenazi Judaism with Sigal Samuel, Opinion editor of the Forward, and about the great Kitniyot debate. This year the Conservative movement released a responsum permitting Ashkenazi Jews to do what non-Ashkenazi Jews have been doing for centuries: eat rice, beans, and other legumes on Passover.

  • Terri Ash

    The “it doesn’t FEEL like Pesach” argument makes me crazy. My mother said that the first year after we moved to a new community and we were told that we didn’t have to cover our counters by the Rav of the shul. You know what? Now a clean counter with my Pesach utensils feels just as much like Pesach as my childhood covered counters. Eating quinoa feels just like Pesach now that it’s part of our routine. What “feels” like Pesach to most American Jews is too much cleaning and too many matza-based products. I try very hard not to eat too many things on Pesach that I wouldn’t joyfully eat the rest of the year. If being allowed to eat kitniyot introduces more whole foods into my Pesach diet, I welcome them with open arms.