Awesome Historical Jewish Women, and Rituals We’d Like to Create or Destroy

This month on the podcast we’re talking about awesome historical Jewish women that we didn’t learn about when we were kids. And we’re going to talk about Jewish rituals that we wish existed, and ones we could do without.


Zahava recommends the Jewish Women’s Archive, and the poem called Ba’al Teshuvas at the Mikvah by Yehoshua November.

Mimi recommends The Meyerowitz Stories, and the Heavyweight podcast, specifically the episodes Buzz and Jeremy.

Tamar recommends the song What the Hell is Simchas Torah by Jewnmongous, aka Sean Altman.

  • The Other Mike

    Mimi, since Tehillim do not connect for you for thinking about medical/personal problems, have you considered getting an English translation of Yiddish Tkhines? I have read excerpts and there seem more “here and now” than the sometimes abstract psalms. Just an idea . . .