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The Tznius Episode

Posted By on May 4, 2017

In this episode, a mother writes in about her daughter’s school dress code. We discuss ways to define modesty beyond collar bones and covered knees and how to cultivate positive body image for children growing up in religious environments. Later in the episode we are joined by Dr. Koby Frances, licensed clinical psychologist whose private practice specializes in dealing with sexual-religious...

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For this live episode we travel to Princeton University to discuss hook up culture on college campuses. We talk to students about millennial dating practices, how being an observant Jew interacts with the social pressure to have casual hook ups, and why hook ups are sometimes more appealing than relationships to college...

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The Childbirth Episode

Posted By on Jan 5, 2017

In this episode of The Joy of Text we will discuss the laws of touch during a natural birth, and we will be joined by Gila Block, founder of Yesh Tikvah, to discuss infertility issues in Orthodox communities. We will ask: Can a husband touch his wife while she is in labor? Do the laws of niddah apply if touch between husband and wife is serving a medical purpose? How do halakhic authorities assess which kinds of touch are intimate and...

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